Handcrafted Snikers cake with


Crunchy peanuts layers, creme brulee, soft homemade caramel and dark Belgian chocolate mousse.


A rich chocolate brownie, mascarpone mousse, soft caramel, dark chocolate bavarois and crunchy pralines. Perfect for any occasion !


Layers with nuts and coffee, crunchy pralines, cappuccino and white chocolate with roasted nuts.


A delicate peanuts dacquoise , pineapple marmalade, exotic fruit cremeux and vanilla bavarois, finished with a chocolate mirror glaze. Perfect for any occasion ! Can be customized with your favourite colours, various shapes and sizes are available.


Crumbly streusel mated with an almond and raspberry biscuit , topped with namelaka and raspberry jelly wrapped in a raspberry mousse. Perfect for any occasion !


Pistachio layers, handcrafted green apples jelly and pistachio and cider mousse..


Delicious honey layers paired with vanilla mousse cheesecake. Perfect for any occasion !

Chocolate Whiskey

Delicious chocolate layers, praline caramel, whiskey ganache and caramel mousse .


Roasted almonds, caramel with peanuts and a delicious pralines mousse.