Surprise your loved ones this Christmas with our entremet cakes made with passion not just to tame your sweet tooth but to excite and intrigue with each bite.

Handcrafted christmas desserts and delivery

Cloud Entremet


Delicate layers with nuts and cofee, pralines, cappuccino and white belgian chocolate mousse with roasted nuts.

Handcrafted Christmas Handcrafted Mousse Cake Gateau

Snowflake Entremet


Daquoise layers, raspberry namelaka and belgian chocolate and raspberry mousse .

Edible Bauble Christmas Mousse cake

Bauble Entremet


Delicate almonds and peanuts layers, strawberry homemade jelly center surrounded by a vanilla mousse

Christmas Artisan Mousse cake Hanta,s hat

Santa's Hat Entremet


A rich chocolate brownie, mascarpone mousse, salted caramel, dark chocolate bavarois and crunchy pralines.

Handcrafted French Gateau Mousse Cakes

French Gateau Box


Contains four different flavours: * Chocolate, pralines and salted caramel * Vanilla and strawberry * Cappuccino, white chocolate and roasted nuts * Raspberry and chocolate mousse These will be decorated for Christmas!

Handcrafted Mini Patisseries platers for occasions corporate events

Mini Patisseries Platers


Thise will contain around 4- 5 different sortiments of mini cakes. Picture as example

Every cake that leaves our kitchen is both fresh and made with the highest quality ingredients. On Christmas Eve there is no minimum order for any products as all items are being made.

All our products contain eggs, dairy, gelatine and nuts.

French gateau box and individual entremets can be ordered al through November and December so you can surprize the loved ones with something absolutly delicious.